Piccola (matte black)

Piccola (matte black)
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Brand new pair, last one in stock. 

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It is a true pleasure to listen to XN Piccola.

Thanks to its ideal compact size the installation is particularly simple. In close collaboration with the prestigious Danish Scan-Speak, Xavian has developed a unique custom made mid-woofer 18W/Xavian, one of the best on the market, at all. 18W/Xavian works together with the well known Ring Radiator, the original driver matching together the advantages of the dome and planar technologies. The sound is rich in music colours, coherent and naturally dinamic.

We are proud that XN Piccola is completely developed and hand-made in the Czech Republic.

Since June 1st 2013, Piccola will be equipped with new XAVIAN binding posts, completely made in Czech republic. The connection quality and functionality are at superior levels.


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