Premio Esclusivo (matte black)

The standmounting Premio Esclusivo builds upon the success of its predecessor as a top of the Natura range and it represents advanced technology hidden inside nature ispired, organic shapes of cabinets made from solid wood.

Premio Esclusivo uses technologies and practices from our Epica range, but offer more compact size, higher sensitivity and easier placement in smaller spaces due to proven system of front twin reflex. Sophisticated system of inner damping allows custom made AudioBarletta drivers to work as accurate and as clean as possible.

€4 840 / pair €4 000 excl. VAT
2 weeks

In decent shape of Natura series, Premio Esclusivo is the embodiement of almost quarter of century of experience, where on compact footprint we combined extraordinary natural materials, sophisticated technologies and exclusive handicraft to make your music sound with unprecedented purity and naturalness that has no competition in its price tag.


  • custom made AudioBarletta drivers made in Italy
  • solid oak wood of 23 mm thickness ensures perfect cabinet strenght
  • hand made cabinets
  • precisely designes Twin Reflex system for easy placement and yet striking bass
  • bitumen and other layers of internal damping underline the sound accuracy
  • Fase Zero crossover topology ( drivers connected in series )
  • precise audio components in crossover, including Mundorf capacitors and resistors
  • extremely low distortion and absolute phase coherence = perfect studio monitor
  • magnetically attached elegant front cover
Code Code: 1472
Brand name: Xavian
Category: Natura
Warranty: 5 years
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