Corallo Esclusivo (black)

Our Ambra Esclusiva in a more compact form thanks to the closed enclosure concept. The audiophile concept fits perfectly in smaller spaces and atypical positions near walls, in bookshelves and other situations where bassreflex might be causing problems. Handmade enclosures are avaiable in six luxurious finishes and made of solid oak wood with excellent rigidity, their organic shapes easily fit into any interior.

€2 310 / pair €1 909 excl. VAT
2 weeks

Corallo Esclusivo is fitted exclusively with AudioBarletta drivers that are designed and manufactured by us in Italy for use in this model. Sophisticated frequency crossover with drivers in serial connection thanks to Fase Zero topology uses premium components from Jantzen and Mundorf and ensures precise phasing of both drivers for perfect coherence and focused listening.

We preserved the aesthetic and sophisticated refinement of the Ambra Esclusiva, but moved the sound closer to the ideal of audiophile authenticity, where Corallo Esclusivo mixes the precision of the performance with musical richness.


  • custom-designed AudioBarletta drivers made in Italy
  • hand-made and extremely rigid construction of solid oak cabinets
  • exceptional full-bodied and vibrant sound
  • organic shapes on a compact footprint, suitable for any space
  • six finishes to choose from
  • sealed enclosure for easy placement
  • drivers connected in series with Fase Zero topology
  • premium audio components by Mundorf
  • precise internal damping system with complementary materials
Code Code: 1557
Brand name: Xavian
Category: Natura
Warranty: 5 years
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