Ambra (marina)

Following the ovation that accompanied the launch of the original Pearl model in 2015, we created its natural "enlargement". Handmade enclosures made of solid oak hold the same proportions, but on a larger scale, also here we have followed the inspiration of organic shapes of nature.

Specially dedicated Ambra stands allow you to screw the speakers for better stability and safety, enhancing Ambra´s natural beauty.

Stands sold separately.

NOTE: In areas inside EU the VAT 21% is included in the sales price, in areas outside of EU you will be billed with the same price, but we will return the VAT amount back to you instantly or you can wait for proforma invoice without VAT. You will pay VAT and import duties and taxes at customs during import.

€3 181 / pair €2 629 excl. VAT
4 - 6 weeks

As with all our speakers, the Ambra also features custom-developed AudioBarletta drivers made in Italy that are connected in series with the typical Fase Zero topology with the exceptionally high-quality Mundorf and Jantzen components.

Ambra delivers music with nobility and complexity that will surely surprise you from a bookshelf model with a reasonable footprint.


  • custom-made AudioBarletta drivers made in Italy
  • handmade extremely rigid enclosure made of solid oak wood
  • extraordinary wide frequency response and musical fullness
  • organic shapes that blend easily into any interior
  • five finishes to choose from
  • front bassreflex for easy placement
  • drivers connected in series with Fase Zero technology
  • precise internal damping using several layers of complementary materials


Mid Bass Unit

180 mm AudioBarletta – special polypropylen membrane – soft dome – cast basket – low distortion magnetic structure

High Frequenycy Unit

AudioBarletta – 26 mm voice coil, soft dome, copper short circuiting ring, without ferrofluid


two-ways damped bass-reflex, front bassreflex, Mundorf capacitors and Superes resistors, high precision audio parts


massive “mosaic” italian oak, no MDF or DTD, rests for 3 weeks before use, bituminous damping

Frequency Response

( -3dB in reference axis): 42 – 20000 Hz


1 pair of gold-plated Xavian terminals


8 Ohms

Crossover Frequency

2700 Hz

Sensitivity ( 2,83V / 1m )

88 dB

Recommended power

30 – 150 W

Dimensions (HxWxD)

380 x 230 x 276 mm

Weight (1 piece)

9,2 kg

Code Code: 997
Brand name: Xavian
Category: Natura
Warranty: 5 years