Melos (high gloss black)

25 years of audio engineering experience in a world-class reference center speaker.

A central speaker is literally the center of a multi-channel experience. It is one of the most important and at the same time the most underestimated elements of home theater. We decided to design an uncompromising solution based on the experience and technology gained from the development of the Orfeo model. Melos also has mechanical parts designed by us, carefully selected membranes including their impregnation; we have chosen materials and shapes.

€4 790 / pcs €3 959 excl. VAT
4 - 6 weeks

The enclosure of Melos is made of luxurious Italian oak or maple in the case of the “marina” finish. It must be aged for three weeks after sealing so that it can be properly processed and modeled. The frequency crossover is made up of premium components from the world's most prestigious brands. The choice of these components was influenced mainly by the quality of music listening. The crossover also uses our original Fase Zero system to achieve perfect phase response coherence.

The result is a new reference center, which can also be used as an ultimate D´Appolito stereo speaker.


  • handmade solid oak enclosures, which are worked for several days due to their rugged shapes and extraordinary thickness
  • complex internal bracing system for perfect cabinet rigidity
  • AudioBarletta drivers custom-made to the highest possible standards and manufactured in Italy with oversized magnetic "motors" and carefully selected diaphragms
  • labyrinth working chamber of the tweeter
  • all drivers are paired by hand
  • short-circuiting copper rings in magnetic systems that make the drives more precise
  • technologically advanced crossovers with precision Mundorf and Jantzen components
  • exclusive and absolutely unique finishes that stand up to any comparison - especially the premium "marina" finish
  • flat reference class frequency response
  • extraordinary dynamic headroom
  • precise internal damping using several layers of complementary materials
  • bi-amping / bi-wiring option
  • magnetically attached cover grille
Code Code: 1320
Brand name: Xavian
Category: Epica
Warranty: 5 years
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