Melos (dark oak)

Center channel is literally the very center of the multichannel experience. It´s either one of the most important and most underestimated parts of home cinema setup. We decided to build a non-compromise solution based on our experience and technologies used in construction of the Orfeo.

€4 350 / pcs €3 595 excl. VAT
4 - 6 weeks

We draw mechanical parts, selected membranes, impregnation, materials and shapes to meet our dream of perfect reproduction. “Corpus” of Melos is made only from selected Italian oak or maple: no artificial materials. Corpus must “mature” three weeks to be able to be milled and finished. Crossover is composed of the best parts available in the world. The choice of these components was mainly influenced by their music quality. Crossover uses our original system “Fase Zero” for perfect phase coherence response.

Melos is our new true reference center channel, that can also be used in a non-compromise D´Appolito stereo pair.

Code Code: 1318
Brand name: Xavian
Category: Epica
Warranty: 5 years