Terza Evoluzione (high-gloss silver ebony)

Terza, or the third note from the score of our Classic Series, has undergone a significant evolution after the first part of its life, thanks to which it proudly bears the nickname Evoluzione like its bigger sister Quarta.

€9 990 / pair €8 256 excl. VAT
4 - 6 weeks

Handmade cabinets are finished with luxurious veneers in deep piano lacquer or ageless black or white. Inside we use uncompromising technology and material solutions developed for the Classic Series, including extremely demanding and precise frequency crossovers.

Tailor-made stands are also available to underline the aesthetic clarity of the speakers for optimum listening height with fine and quick tuning of the ideal horizontal position using the built-in feet. The stands can be customized in height for specific conditions.


  • sealed “infinity baffle” enclosures
  • six luxury finishes to choose from
  • cover grille with magnets in enclosure and frame for perfect fit
  • exclusive tailor-made AudioBarlett drivers
  • sandwich woofer voice coil with winding outside and inside the former
  • dampened labyrinth chamber of the tweeter
  • hand paired drivers
  • inert enclosure with complex bracing system
  • mounting the woofer with “Stasis” technology (two-point mechanical fixation of the magnet in the bracing system)
  • extremely advanced crossovers with variable slopes
  • compensating the reactivity of the woofer around the resonant frequency
  • 1% tolerance of Mundorf resistors
  • 3% tolerance of Jantzen and Mundorf coils and capacitors
  • pairing with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 dB
  • bi-amping / bi-wiring

Bass Driver

270 mm AudioBarletta, special hand impregnated “non pressed” paper membrane, die-cast chassic, 50 mm voice coil with winding inside and outside the former

Midbass Driver

150 mm AudioBarletta, special impregnated paper membrane, die-cast chassis, extreme magnetic motor, 38 mm voice coil

High Frequency Driver

AudioBarletta – 29 mm impregnated dome with aluminium voice coil with flat copper-clad wire, copper shorter rings, labyrinth in chamber, front die-cast plate for controlled dispersion


3 way damped sealed enclosure with complex inner architecture with many ribs to compete with parasitic resonances; MDF panels with 22 mm thickness; extremely accurate Mundorf and Jantzen components in crossover


hand veneered, 22 mm thick MDF panels and complex inner architecture

Crossover Frequencies

400 and 3000 Hz


2 pairs of single mounted Xavian gold plated terminals for bi-wiring and bi-amping

Frequency Response

39 – 30000 Hz (-3 dB)


8 ohm

Sensitivity (2,83 V / M)

86 dB

Power Handling

30 – 200 W

Dimensions (H X W X D)

580 x 300 x 350 mm


29 kg / piece

Code Code: 1597
Brand name: Xavian
Category: Classic Series
Warranty: 5 years
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