Quarta Evoluzione (piano black)

After three years of existence, our unique Quarta has undergone a slight upgrade to the Evoluzione version. In the spirit of classic models with this name, we have slightly improved the frequency response and overall sound quality, especially by adjusting the parameters and components of the frequency crossover, but also a more sophisticated system of internal damping, which makes the music blooms even easier and more natural than before. However, we have not forgotten the beauty for the eye, which is why all Evoluzione models are delivered at no extra charge in a deep glossy lacquer.

Quarta (“the fourth note”) is the top model of our Classic Series, it´s standmounter with reasonable footprint, but with uncompromise sound quality, that has no competition in this price tag.

Stands sold separately.

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€13 190 / pair €10 901 excl. VAT
2 weeks

Under luxurious finishes with extraordinary veneers (silver ebony, zebrano, rosewood) and black or white high gloss there are many extreme technical solutions with top class components, extremely rigid enclosures and extreme crossovers.

We recommend using dedicated 30 cm Quarta stand (depicted stand for 990 EUR / pair) a to achieve optimal listening height. In specific condition we can alter the height to any custom height needed.


  • sealed “infinite baffle” design
  • six luxury finishes to choose from
  • grills with magnets both in the cabinet and the grill for perfect fit
  • exclusively tailor made drivers from AudioBarletta
  • sandwich voice coil with winding on the inner and outer side of the former
  • damped labyrinth behind tweeter
  • hand selected and paired drivers
  • inert cabinet with complex inner structure
  • “Stasis” technology of bass driver fitting for supression of magnet movements
  • extraordinary advanced crossovers with variable steepness
  • compensation of reactivity of the bass drivers in the resonance area
  • optimized Evoluzione crossover with new topology and components
  • 1% tolerance Mundorf resistors
  • 3% tolerance Mundorf and Jantzen voice coils and capacitors
  • pair matched within +/- 0.5 dB
  • bi-amping / bi-wiring

Bass Driver

270 mm AudioBarletta, special hand impregnated “non pressed” paper membrane, die-cast chassic, neodimium magnets, 50 mm voice coil with winding inside and outside the former

Midbass Driver

175 mm AudioBarletta, special impregnated paper membrane, die-cast chassis, extreme magnetic motor, 50 mm voice coild with copper-clad aluminium wire

High Frequency Driver

29 mm impregnated dome AudioBarletta with aluminium voice coil with flat copper-clad wire, copper shorter rings, labyrinth in chamber, front die-cast plate for controlled dispersion


3 way damped sealed enclosure with complex inner architecture with many ribs to compete with parasitic resonancec; MDF panels with 30 mm thickness; extremely accurate Mundorf and Jantzen components in crossover


hand veneered, 30 mm thick MDF panels and complex inner architecture

Crossover Frequencies

300 and 2500 Hz


2 pairs of single mounted Xavian gold plated terminals for bi-wiring and bi-amping

Frequency Response

35 – 30000 Hz (-3 dB)


8 ohm

Sensitivity (2,83 V / M)

87 dB

Power Handling

30 – 250 W

Dimensions (H X W X D)

680 x 350 x 400 mm


40 kg / piece

Code Code: 1386
Brand name: Xavian
Category: Classic Series
Warranty: 5 years
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